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  1. Properly address the void to Arts and Culture in Barrie created by terminating the lease of Georgian College Theatre.

    Recently City of Barrie terminated its lease with Georgian College Theatre, which effectively turned its back on many key performing arts groups in the area. This leaves NO reasonable performance space in Barrie till at least 2025/2026 when Fisher Auditorium redux is anticipated for completion.

    Engage with the key stakeholders, the arts organizations of Barrie, to facilitate a more thoughtful and robust solution.

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    The exiting of the Georgian College Theatre lease was a recommendation submitted to Council in response to the theatre space becoming unsafe for use and requiring significant investment in a fiscally challenging year, coupled with ongoing uncertainty created by the COVID-related gathering restrictions. It’s believed that this decision will allow all parties to refocus energy and resources in support of the need for a proper theatre that will be built with future needs embedded in its design.

    Staff are committed to working with the arts and culture community in the interim to leverage existing spaces and facilities to provide performance space. In response to Council direction regarding the 2021 budget and the future of the Fisher Project, staff have begun outreach regarding options that might be available to help support user groups. Interim solutions will be developed and full engagement with artistic and cultural groups will take place.


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