Terms of Service

This forum is meant to serve as a democratic tool for Barrie residents to fairly have their say, and to be a reflection of popular opinion. This is intended to be a place to share constructive ideas that could improve our city. Please be respectful and keep it positive.

We want to make it as easy as possible for residents to have their say and are relying on the honour system for e-mail address sign-in. By providing your e-mail address and modifying your account settings, you’ll be notified when others comment on your idea and when there are any updates to idea status. Your e-mail address will not be collected or used for any other purpose outside of notifications about ideas in which you’ve expressed interest. While it’s not possible to 100% authenticate each user, we will strive to maintain the integrity of the site and protect it from ill-intended use.

Any fraudulent activity will not be accepted. This activity includes:

  • entering any e-mail address other than your own
  • single users entering multiple and/or fake e-mail addresses to increase vote counts
  • single users entering multiple and/or fake e-mail addresses to increase comment counts

Should any of the above terms be violated the related users will be blocked, and all related activity (ideas, comments, and votes) will be automatically removed from the forum. If you have been blocked and you feel this has been done in error, please email socialmedia@barrie.ca from the email address under which you registered. The associated account, and all related activity, will be reviewed.

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